Debate Over Whether Son Of Beast Will Roll Again This Year

(Mason, OH) - According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Ohio Department of Agriculture says that the Son of Beast probably won't be providing thrills and screams for the thousands who visit the park each year.

If you talk to Kings Island they have a different idea.

A spokesperson for the amusement park said that they are working on the roller coaster and are trying to get it running for the weekend sessions scheduled to begin after the park closes tonight at 8 p.m.

The Department of Agriculture said that they didn't expect the ride to go again this season. A spokesperson for the department said that the investigation, in which over a dozen people were hurt, continues and is not close to being over.

The park will be open just two more weekends until the annual October Fear Fest begins.

The section that investigators say was at fault for the accident is currently being rebuilt and water filled dummies are being used to simulate passengers.

Report: FOX19 News

Information from the Associated Press