New Developments in Marcus Fiesel Case

New developments in the disappearance of three-year-old Marcus Feisel.

The social worker who had Marcus' case says things his foster mother said, don't add up.         At a press conference this week Liz Carroll said a caseworker was the last non-family member to see Marcus alive.      According to her,  that was August 10th.

But this morning's Enquirer says that caseworker never saw Marcus that day.  She apparently tried,  but was turned away at the door when she was told Marcus was sick.

The caseworker did see Marcus in the home a week earlier,  on August 3rd.      And Liz Carroll has also said that her husband David Carroll is bipolar,  and that the couple shared the home with David's live in girlfriend.

Investigators haven't made any comments on this new information.