Kentucky Attorney General Cautions Lawyers To Stay Away From Victim's Families

Lawyers hoping to begin legal action in the wake of a devastation plane crash in Lexington are being given a stern warning by Kentucky's Attorney General.

Attorney General Greg Stumbo has cited a federal law that states lawyers are to stay away from the families of victims for 45 days.  The law called the "Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996," states that no attorney or representative may make an unsolicited call to relatives of a person injured in an accident until 45 days after the accident.

Stumbo said that time is a time for grieving and the family's privacy should be respected.

Even after that 45 day period, Stumbo says that the law should be adhered to stating that lawyers are still prohibited to make unsolicited calls to victims of families of victims.  However, the family or victims can call a lawyer after that time.  This, according to Stumbo, is spelled out in the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct.

Stumbo said that the NTSB has enacted these rules to protect families and victims of an airline accident.

Report: FOX19 News