Prosecutors May Drop The Hammer On Couple

The foster parents of Marcus Fiesel could be charged with murder as early as today.

Prosecutors will announce that they plan to upgrade the charges against Liz and David Carroll this afternoon.

Questions still linger about whether the murder charges will be filed in Clermont or Hamilton County and where the trial will take place.

Currently the Carrolls face lesser charges in involuntary manslaughter in Hamilton County. Charges that the Carrolls have pled not guilty to and both are held on a $10.1 million bond.

Questions also linger about how the three year old who had autism wound up in the Carroll's home in the first place. In a Butler County Commissioners meeting yesterday, representatives from the Butler County Children's Services were grilled about background research practices and how Children's Services conducts their visits with foster children.

According to the agency, case workers saw Marcus 26 times in 14 weeks and noted that he appeared happier and healthier than he had ever been. Something that the agency said was part of the con.

During the meeting the Rev. Johnny Sloan of the Butler County Children Services said that the agency needs to do better, "he needs to live and the way he's going to live is we're going to do a thorough examination of our agency, agency policies (and) state policies. And we're going to see if we can do something that makes us better."

The agency told commissioners that it welcomes an independent review and said that background checks for potential foster parents will be more extensive and could include psychological exams and lie detector tests.

On another note, Marcus had been in another home prior to his fatal stint with the Carrolls. Marcus' first foster family asked that the boy be removed.

Report: FOX19 News