Biological Mom Named Administrator Of Fiesel's Estate; Lifeway Released Information

The lawyer for three year old Marcus Fiesel has acknowledged that his biological mother has been given administrative custody of his estate.

The ruling clears the way for Donna Trevino of Middletown to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Fiesel's foster parents Liz and David Carroll and Butler County Children's Services and Lifeway for Youth, the private agency that placed the autistic boy in the Carroll's home.

Attorney Kenneth Hughes plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit on Tuesday of next week.

Lifeway Releases Information

Last night Lifeway for Youth released a statement regarding the death of Marcus.  In it, Lifeway said:

"Every person connected with Lifeway joins the public in grief and horror that Marcus Fiesel was killed at the hands of those who were entrusted with his care.  Lifeway has channeled our emotion into reviewing all the details of the case to determine if anything could have been done differently in our agency's handling of the foster parent licensure or case management of Marcus and his placement in this home."

In the release, Lifeway explained their guidelines for selecting and screening potential foster parents and how the Carrolls filed with the private faith-based agency.  You can read what Lifeway reported by clicking the link to the left.

Report: FOX19 News