Steve Chabot (R)

Steve Chabot and his wife Donna live in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Westwood. They have two children: Erica and Randy. Erica is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati and Randy attends St. Xavier High School.

Steve was born and raised in Cincinnati. He graduated from LaSalle High School, pumping gas and sweeping floors after school to pay his tuition. After earning his degree from the College of William and Mary, Steve returned to Cincinnati and taught at St. Joseph's School in the West End during the day while studying at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law in the evening.

Before being elected to Congress in 1994, Steve served as a Hamilton County Commissioner and a member of Cincinnati City Council.

In the House of Representatives, Steve serves on three important committees: Judiciary, International Relations and Small Business. He is Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee and Vice-Chairman of the Middle East Subcommittee.

As our Congressman, Steve Chabot shares and respects the values of our community -- and he's bringing those values and common sense to Washington.

Steve knows that strong families are crucial to a healthy society. That's why he is working hard to advance family-friendly laws and end government policies that are hostile to family life.

Just as families in our community must act in a fiscally responsible manner, Steve believes that the federal government must eliminate wasteful spending and reduce taxes. As a result, Steve is widely recognized as one of the strongest fiscal hawks in Congress. In fact, he receives the top lifetime ranking among current members of Congress by the non-partisan group Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW). He also helped pass legislation that cut income taxes for all Americans, reduced the marriage penalty, established a $1000 per child tax credit and provided tax relief to students and senior citizens.

Steve is a national leader in the fight to end the horrific practice of late-term, partial birth abortion -- a gruesome procedure that cheapens the concept of life. As Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee, Steve authored the federal law that bans partial-birth abortions and he has been a leading advocate for the ban as opponents have challenged it in court.

Steve has also been a strong advocate for seniors while working to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. He has co-sponsored legislation to stop the government from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund and pushed for a high-quality prescription drug plan for Medicare.

Steve Chabot is committed to standing up for our community in Washington. He understands that our common sense values -- placing a priority on God, country, family and work -- have helped us build a strong community. If nourished and respected, these values can sustain us well into the future.

Information obtained from Steve Chabot's Campaign Website