County Thought Marcus Was Placed In Good Care

At first glance, it looked like the miracle home.

That is what Butler County Children's Services thought when they saw the Carroll's foster care evaluation. The confidential evaluation released last night before the hearing intended to pay tribute to Marcus Fiesel created some tension at the meeting.

In the document, Lifeway said that Liz Carroll wanted to be a foster parent because of her love for working with children. It also said that Liz's husband David realized the need for good homes and wanted to make a difference. Another surprise on the report is the first reference listed on the Carroll's evaluation, Amy Baker, what authorities call the live-in girlfriend.

After the meeting, Rev. Johnny Sloan of the Butler County Children's Services Board said that everyone was in the dark about the Carrolls, "we were deprived of a lot of the key information, this is a tragedy, a horrible tragedy." Sloan continued, "I want something good to come out of this, I want Marcus to live."

Lifeway for Youth did not respond to an interview request.

Another report is scheduled to be released by the county's ombudsman.

Report: FOX19 News