Dr. Victoria Wulsin (D)

Dr. Vic Wulsin has dedicated her career to public health, working at the community level in Cincinnati and leading international projects around the world. She is running for Congress because Ohio deserves a government as good as the people it serves. The 2nd District is ready to replace Jean Schmidt with a real leader.

As the daughter of a social worker and a teacher, and the granddaughter of ministers, Vic learned at an early age the value of helping others and the meaning of a life dedicated to service.

After graduating from Shaw High School, Vic earned her B.A. at Harvard and her M.D. at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. After earning a doctorate in Public Health, specializing in epidemiology, Dr. Vic returned to Ohio to raise her family and serve her community.

Vic has practiced medicine in both rural and urban settings here in southwest Ohio. As Cincinnati's city epidemiologist, Vic fought deadly outbreaks of disease like whooping cough and influenza.  In Adams County, she directed a health literacy program, and she currently serves as chair of the board of the Health Resource Center, a free clinic in Over-the-Rhine.

As a uniformed officer with the US Public Health Service, Vic brought unions and business leaders together to improve worker safety.  Together, they reduced carcinogens in the workplace through a nation-wide effort against vinyl chloride, a chemical known to cause liver cancer.  She has fought for occupational safety through her work with the International Chemical Workers and the United Steel Workers.

Vic's work as a doctor has taken her to over twenty nations.  She directed a five-year, $30 million project to promote women's health in five countries in Africa and Asia, and she finished the project on time and on budget. Vic assisted the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in reconstruction efforts following the genocide in Rwanda.  Most recently she founded SOTENI International, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing HIV and AIDS among orphans in Kenya.

With Dr. Lawson Wulsin, a professor of medicine at the University of Cincinnati and her husband of 28 years, Vic has raised four wonderful sons, all educated in local public schools. The Wulsin family has lived in the 2nd Congressional District for 20 years. Victoria and Lawson are active members of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Terrace Park.

Dr. Victoria Wulsin is not a professional politician, but she has already proven herself to be a tireless and effective campaigner. The Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed her for the Democratic primary, saying, "Wulsin has the passion and the skills to carry the Democratic torch in this important House race."  She won the Democratic Primary handily, and she now stands ready to beat her unpopular opponent in the November election.

Information obtained from the Wulsin campaign website.