Morton Meier (D)

The Meier family has been in Butler County Ohio since the 1880s. Mort Meier's father and two uncles were born and raised as farmers. Mort's father, Albin Meier served in the Army in World War I. His father later became a high school biology teacher after graduating from Miami University and then marrying Edith Plymale. At the end of the depression, the family found that teachers' pay was much better in Washington, D.C., and they moved there where Mort was raised from age two. Mort's older brother served in the 11th Armored Division in Germany in World War II. Mort's cousin, Robert Meier, from Hamilton, was an infantryman killed in France in World War II.

After serving more than four years in the USAF during the Korean War, Mort studied Public Administration and Economics at American University in Washington. These studies included lab courses on Capitol Hill in seminars with Congressmen. Meier later married and spent a term managing a Dayton motel owned by two other uncles who were retired and living in Florida. He later joined a fidelity and surety bonding company in Baltimore. He was employed there and in Cleveland until 1975 when his family returned to his father's birthplace in Butler County. Mort's two daughters followed their grandfather when they both graduated from Miami University.

While the Republicans were out of power for 40 years, Mort voted for them when they said that they would, among other things, be fiscally responsible when they returned to power. Between 1994, when the Republicans returned to power, and 2000, Meier decided the Republicans had fooled him and he changed parties. Before that change, Mort was moved to run in the 1990 Republican primary against incumbent Republican "Buz" Lukens who had been charged with having relations with a minor in Columbus. That primary was won by Cincinnati salesman John Boehner, with substantial and decisive financial support from his business customers.

Once again, Mort Meier has come forward, and out of a comfortable retirement, to challenge John Boehner, another congressman who is abusing his position and betraying the trust of the voters who put him there. With the skill of a con man, John Boehner, partner in Nucite Sales, LP, in Cincinnati, has deceived and misled the voters of the 8th District, of Ohio and of the nation.

Mort Meier's mission in running for Congress is to restore integrity, honesty and a good reputation to Ohio's 8th Congressional District.

Information obtained from Morton Meier's campaign website.