Mike Sodrel (R)

Fox19 Photo
Fox19 Photo

For more than 25 years, Mike Sodrel has been getting things done for us in Southern Indiana as a community leader, a job creator, and now as our Congressman.

Mike grew up along the Ohio River and graduated from New Albany High School in 1963. He married Marquita Dean of Jeffersonville in 1967. Like many newlyweds, they struggled to make ends meet.

But they scrimped and saved to buy their first little house in Clarksville while Mike was serving seven years in the Indiana National Guard. Together, they built their first business with just two employees and a dream for something more. They grew their small business to a company that provides 500 Hoosier familes with good-paying jobs.

Mike's parents taught him that when you've had success, you give it back to the community. So, he's spent the last 25 years getting things done for us in Southern Indiana. Since being elected to serve Southern Indiana as US Congressman, Mike has fought for Hoosier values, lower taxes, a secure homeland and important Indiana transportation needs.

Information obtained from Mike Sodrel's campaign website.