Timothy Kettler (I)

Tim Kettler is a lifelong Ohio resident, residing in the farming community of Warsaw, Ohio with his wife Roberta, and son Malcolm. Tim and Roberta own and operate Action Septic Service, a twenty year established, environmentally directed service business. His blue collar, working class background and his rural lifestyle have made him aware of the needs of both of these constituencies. He is an advocate of new progressive policies to meet these needs. Tim currently serves as the secretary of the Green Party of Ohio, and is a co-founder and treasurer of his local, the East Central Ohio Green Party. He and his fellow greens have spent long hours bringing Green values to conservative, rural Ohio through their organizing efforts.

As a self-employed small businessman, Tim is acutely aware of the obstacles presented by a failing health care system, regressive tax structures and increasing pressure from corporate influence. He is a representative on the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio state council, a non-partisan organization that advocates for the establishment of single-payer, universal health care for the citizen's of Ohio. He is active in circulating petitions for The Health Care for All Ohioans Act ballot initiative. His experience working through the burdensome obstacles that this process presents has convinced him of the need for reform if this tool of grassroots democracy is to be viable.

As Secretary of State, Tim will bring independence and integrity to the office. Advocacy for the free exercise of our voting rights is the Secretary of State's duty, and Tim will fight for every Ohio citizen's rights. During the 2004 Ohio Presidential Vote Recount, he worked as a regional coordinator, organizing and conducting recounts in six east central Ohio counties. Tim joined with David Cobb, Anita Rios and others, to file suit in United States District Court against Ohio Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell. This case is a catalyst for election reform and is scheduled to be heard the week of August 22, 2006.

"At a time when this country is engaged in a costly and tragic war, begun under false pretenses, by an outlaw government, citizens of conscience who have opposed that war all along, must step forward to lead this country in a new direction. Years ago, as a young man, I refused to join my government's costly and tragic criminal enterprise, which was our military action in Vietnam. As an older man, I now wish to bring principled leadership to the Secretary of State's office. Principled leadership and Green Party values will lead into the future with hope, rather than fear. It is the right and the duty of every citizen to come forward and reclaim our responsibility for self governance."

Information obtained from Ohio Green Party website.