Former Ombudsman Claims Recommendations Weren't Followed

A former employee has come forward to tell the Butler County Commissioners that the foster care program there is broken and must be fixed.

Former ombudsman Sheree Lynch's job was to investigate complaints made against the foster care system. However Lynch's biggest complaint was why she quit, because nobody would listen to her about fixing repeat problems.

Everyone seems to agree that the people who work for the Butler County Children's Services Department genuinely want to help. But the more the agency is scrutinized, the more another word is thrown around - hostile.

Lynch described the department as being mired in politics and miscommunication. Her job was to identify problems and report back to administrators. During the meeting Lynch admitted that her recommendations were falling on deaf ears.

"I don't know that the vast majority of the things I recommended were ever acted upon," said Lynch during the two hour meeting.

Those words drew the ire of Butler County Commissioner Michael Fox and others.

"it's almost hostile to information. In other words, you have to make sure the information you're moving through the system dosen't upset somebody," was Fox's reaction to the former ombudsman's complaint.

The chairman of the Children's Services Board, the Rev. Johnny Sloan, said Lynch's allegations are not true, "the process was, we listened, we heard, we discussed it and we sent it to (the) policy committee."

Sloan reiterated that there was little that the agency could have done for Marcus Fiesel, the three year old allegedly killed by his foster parents. Sloan said that foster parents Liz and David Carroll were both intent on evil.

Sloan predicted that the county will ask for his job but warned against rushing to make changes.

Whether Sloan keeps his job or not, a seven member panel will decide that and other recommendations to improve the agency by December 11th.

Report: FOX19 News