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Jack Moving Toward Maintenance

I'm still more than 20 pounds from my desired weight -- 195 (which would be 75 pounds less than my original blimp weight back in January) but Dr. Pratha Atluri at the Medical Weight Management Center in Montgomery is insisting that I move away from reliance on protein shakes (when I'm not cheating) and eat more "real" food.

She's recommending egg whites or substitutes, veggies, lots of low-fat protein and complex carbohydrates. No-no's include anything with sugar and white bread -- including the crust in my beloved pizzas.

For quick meals here at the station, frozen dinners from the likes of Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and South Beach are okay, so long as they come in at less than 400 calories.

But the real key is to avoid cheating and to keep up the exercise.

Send me an email and let me know how you're doing.

Your pal,