Identity Theft in Ohio Doubles

Cincinnati Business Courier

Identity theft in Ohio has doubled since 2002, says a report from a company that helps businesses and insurers fight identity fraud.

The white paper from Identity Theft 911 reports that 329,000 Ohioans were victims of identity theft last year, creating $2.4 billion in losses. The analysis said ID fraud crimes had risen nearly 101 percent statewide since 2002.

The report says mishandling of public records in the state has created political debate that promises to spill over into next month's election.

"Identity theft is surging in other states, too. The fact that identity theft has become a big issue in the Ohio governor's race may be an indicator of future political fallout in races all over the country," Steven Christenson, president of the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company, said in a press release.