FOX19 Student Video Challenge 2006 - Winners Announced LIVE on FOX19 Morning News Week of 11/27!


FOX19 is pleased to announce the Five Finalists in the Second Annual Student Video Challenge.

Each school submitted a :45 to :60 second video highlighting their creativity and talent.  The subject matter was vague by design; as we wanted to inspire the creativity within the students.

From all the entries received, 5 finalists have been selected:

"Our Life at Fairfield" - Fairfield High School...

"Beneath Us All" - Kings High School...

"A World Awaits" - Newport High School...

"The Ball" - South Ripley High School...

"How Will You Change The World" - Talawanda High School..

Winners will be announced LIVE on FOX19 Morning News

On Tuesday, November 28th - FOX19 Judges' Choice Winner is Announced!

On Wednesday, November 29th - Viewer On-Line Voting Most Popular Winner is Announced! 

Winners will be determined in two categories:   a group of broadcast industry professionals will select the "Judges' Favorite" and "Most Popular" will be determined by viewer on-line voting.   Each of the winning schools will receive $1019.00 for enhancements to their audio/video production departments.

Participating Schools for 2006 Included:

  1. Bethel Tate High School
  2. By Faith Ministry (home school)
  3. Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
  4. Colerain High School
  5. Covington Latin High School
  6. Fairfield High School
  7. Glen Este High School
  8. Harrison High School
  9. Kings High School
  10. LaSalle High School
  11. Mason High School
  12. McNicholas High School
  13. Milford High School
  14. Mother of Mercy High School
  15. Newport High School
  16. Owen County
  17. Ross High School
  18. Scarlet Oaks
  19. South Ripley High School
  20. Talawanda High School
  21. Walnut Hills High School
  22. Williamsburg High School

Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for future video projects.