Wehrung Interview from 1963 Played in Court

For 38 years, a whole lot of people have wanted to hear from Mike Wehrung about the murder of Patty Rebholz. Thursday, jurors got that chance. Wehrung, himself, sat motionless while listening to his own interview with investigators in 1963.

"You have no reason to fear for your life," advised Dan Roney on August 9, the day police found Rebholz's beaten body in a lot across the street from his boyhood home.

"I know. I'm just shaky. I'm not really scared."

For most of the interview, 15-year old Wehrung appeared calm, cool, and collected, even when asked about his short relationship with Rebholz.

"How many arguments did you have in the course of the four months?"
"What do you mean by arguments?"
"Petty arguments as well as serious arguments."
"You mean just small things?"
"I guess about 50."

Before the jury heard from Wehrung, the prosecution called on a girl who lived across the street from the murder scene. She testified about the reaction from Rebholz's father the morning in question.

"He was pounding on the police cruiser, crying, saying 'No. No. No. No.'."

The issue of blood came up several times during the presentation of evidence, including Wehrung's jeans and shoes as well as articles of clothing belonging to Rebholz. The teen had an answer in the interview.

"Mike, you had some blood on your trousers?"
"Yeah. That's from [a scratch]. That's when I got out of the car up at the house, when I walked around the front and got caught on the front decoration."

The defense took the matter a step further by pointing out that DNA testing performed last year failed to prove the existence of any blood anywhere.

"The finding from the serologist is that... moisture had deteriorated the sample to the point that they couldn't be processed," claimed Officer Larry Zettler.

But the prosecution sent the jury home with the voice of a 15-year old fresh in their minds. If convicted, the now married 54-year old roofing executive could spend the rest of his life behind bars.