Report: Marcus Should Have Stayed In Mother's Care

A national children's advocacy group says that a three year old's death has created a "foster-care panic" that has swept through the country.  That same group says that the organization that placed the three year old should re-examine the way that children are placed in foster care.

The report, released by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, said that the Butler County Children's Services should have never removed three year old Marcus Fiesel out of his biological mother's home.

The report recommended 23 areas need to be addressed in the way the agency places children.

Richard Wexler, Executive Director of the coalition said the most pressing issue for Children's Services is the rate that children are removed from poverty stricken homes in Butler County.

Citing a report published by a Hamilton paper, Wexler said Children's Services removal rate in August and September increased 39 and 64 percent respectively over the same months in 2005.

"Child removal does not equal child safety," said Wexeler referring to Fiesel who was allegedly killed at the hands of his foster parents Liz and David Carroll.  Wexler said that Butler County has one of the highest rates of pulling children from homes in the state.

Wexler said that removing the children from homes stresses often undertrained and overstressed workers who do not have the time to investigate prospective foster parent's background fully.  He also cites that foster children suffer greater emotional trauma than Gulf War veterans.

Wexler said that Donna Trevino should get her remaining children back, not for her sake, but for the sake of her children.

Trevino, who has filed a multi-million wrongful death lawsuit against Children's Services for Marcus' death,  had intended to file court documents that would surrender custody of Marcus.  Trevino's three other children were removed from her care after bruises were found on Marcus and again after he was found wandering the streets alone.

Report: FOX19 News Producer: Cliff Jenkins