20 Count Indictment Handed Down For Kidnapping And Sexual Assaults

James Bohannon (photo courtesy: Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.)
James Bohannon (photo courtesy: Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.)

A Cincinnati man who is already indicted for attacking a 14-year-old boy has been indicted on 20 additional charges of kidnapping and sexual assaults on young males.

The indictment came from a Hamilton County Grand Jury and says that 27-year-old James Bohannon is responsible for committing a series of rapes, kidnapping and sexual assaults.

The indictment says that Bohannon's assaulted eight different males beginning in August of 2004 and the latest occuring on September 15th.

Police say that Bohannon's most recent attacks involved an 18-year-old male who was allegedly attacked on Pedretti Road in Delhi and on September 15th when attacked a 19-year-old male on Riddle Road.

Police say that Bohannon used a gun in all of his attacks.

Bohannon was arrested after an August 7th attack of 14-year-old at Boldface Park.

Report: FOX19 News
FOX19.com Producer: Cliff Jenkins