I-75 Reopens After Seven Hours

This car was carrying a family of six. Five of the six were hurt.
This car was carrying a family of six. Five of the six were hurt.

Traffic was blocked for hours Tuesday night after a serious crash on Northbound 71/75 just north of Buttermilk Pike in Ft. Mitchell.

The crash happened around 5 p.m. when a tractor trailer and a car collided, wrecking the car and instantly blocking the highway when the trailer overturned. The crash also caused minor damage to a second car.

The highway was reopened just before midnight.

A family of six was in the car that collided with the semi. Five of those six people were hurt. One person was flown to University Hospital, but Ft. Mitchell Police say none of the five has life-threatening injuries.

The semi driver had minor injures. The driver of the second car was not hurt.

The trailer, which was loaded with automobile parts, came down sideways across the highway. The semi had been running in the middle lane. During the crash the first car went from the right hand lane all the way across the highway to the median. After hitting the truck, it then hit a second car, but not very hard.

Police still are trying to figure out how the crash started.

Southbound traffic moved at a crawl as drivers slowed down to gawk.  Police routed northbound traffic onto the Buttermilk exit, and north along Dixie Highway to the Dixie Highway entrance ramp, also in Ft. Mitchell. Officers directed cars on the side roads to speed the flow of traffic around the crash scene, and traffic coming from further south was warned to go around on 275 and then north on 471. The extra traffic crowded those alternate routes.

The shipping company came to the scene with a Bobcat loader and dump trucks. They loaded some of the car parts into the dump trucks, but were able to load other merchandise back onto the trailer that had crashed and flipped, because after they righted the trailer, it still worked.

The flow of traffic returned to normal within minutes of the highway reopening.