Wehrung's Team Focuses on Mysterious Stranger

Day six in the trial against Michael Wehrung centered on a mysterious stranger seen walking behind Patty Rebholz on August 8, 1963, the night she suffered a brutal beating upon leaving a school dance.

"He had a slicked back haircut at the time what I would describe as a Buddy Holly."

Barry Hatfield remembers playing hide and seek with friends when Rebholz walked by his house between the dance hall and Wehrung's boyhood home. The popular Green Hills cheerleader said hello, but the male teen following about 50 feet behind did not.

"He never made eye contact with me and he seemed to be focused only on her," testified Hatfield.

The then 11-year old reportedly told the same story to police. But, today's prosecutors don't believe it.

The defense hopes Hatfield's claims will at least plant reasonable doubt in the minds of jury members. Attorneys even painted a picture of an investigation and media frenzy gone wild with 15-year old Wehrung as the victim.

"What kind of things would they yell?"

"Killer and murderer," answered Dale Boyd, a friend. "It was unbelievable."

According to Wehrung's sister, the lead investigator at the time unethically asked for help in getting a confession.

"He wanted me to take Michael for a ride at night through Winton Woods and park and rile him up if I had to," claimed Cheryl St. Clair.
The jury will have the final say. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys expect to finish closing arguments by Wednesday.