Report Says Arrest Should Have Tipped Agency To Pull Marcus From Foster Home

Another report surrounding the Marcus Fiesel case and Butler County Children's Services has been released.

The report said that the three-year-old boy, who was allegedly murdered by his foster parents, should have been removed from their home months before his murder.

The report, produced by a detective from California hired by the county reviews the agency and the events before Fiesel was placed in foster care.

The detective made two dozen recommendations on improvements that could be made and at the top of the list, the county needs to have better communication with police.

The detective said that Marcus' foster father David Carroll's arrest on domestic violence charges should have been reported to the county and that should have raised red flags to the agency to pull the boy out of the Carroll's home.

Liz and David Carroll are being held in the Clermont County Jail on charges of murder.

Report: FOX19 News Producer: Cliff Jenkins