State Releases Son Of Beast Report

The popular King's Island ride Son of Beast suffered from from a design deficiency injuring several people to be injured.

That's what a report released by the Ohio Department of Agriculture said after releasing the findings into what caused the popular wooden rollercoaster to jump abruptly causing injury to riders last summer.

The state hired a Columbus-based forensic engineering firm to examine the looping wooden rollercoaster and they concluded that a "pothole" effect creating a dip in the track.  The report said that a bent leg cracked which kept it from supporting the weight of the car as it sped down the track.

The cracked leg, according to the report, led to two other legs that support the track to crack.

The state said that it has to hire an engineering firm to take another look at the design of the coaster and complete all of the recommended work and reinforce the wood structure with components that will strengthen bolted connections.

The park responded to the report by saying that they intend to follow the state's suggestions and have also announced that they plan to get rid of the part of the coaster which drew so much attention.

The loop of the coaster will be taken out so lighter cars can be used which, the park said, will create less stress on the track.

The Mason area park plans to reopen the ride in 2007.

Report: FOX19 News Producer: Cliff Jenkins