Testimony In Liz Carroll Case Released To Public

In a response to a request by defense attorneys to supress evidence in the case of Liz Carroll, prosecutors have made the evidence public.

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters released the Grand Jury testimony and interviews conducted by police of the foster mother accused of killing a three year boy in her custody.

In the testimony Carroll recalls the final moments of the day at Julif's park where she reportedly lost Marcus Fiesel, the three year old child placed in the care of Carroll and her husband David.

Assistant Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier then asked Liz about the trip to the family reunion in Kentucky when Deters said that the Carrolls left Fiesel in a closet wrapped up in a blanket for two days which eventually killed him.

According to the testimony, Liz tells the Grand Jury that she took Fiesel to her mother's house for the weekend before the trip.  Carroll then said that after they returned, Fiesel was happy to see them.

Piepmeier then warned Carroll of the risk of lying in court as she would run the risk of perjury.  Carroll responds that she is aware of the consequences.

Liz was then abruptly asked about leaving Marcus in a closet for two days.

Carroll responds with a question "in a closet?"

Carroll was then again repeatedly questioned frankly about that night and Carroll admits that she and husband David left Marcus in the closet before leaving town.  However, Liz admits that they did not mean to kill the developmentally disabled child.

Carroll tells of David and live-in friend Amy Baker taking Fiesel's body and burning it.

Liz Carroll also said that it was Amy Baker who came up with the idea of leaving Fiesel's body in the closet.

Baker is the star witness for the prosecution and is not facing charges in the case.

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Report: FOX19 News

FOX19.com Producer: Cliff Jenkins