Blues Musicians Mourn Murder Victim

By Sunday night, most of the local blues community had heard about Paula Wolfe's murder. In fact, many decided the best way to honor her memory was to jam at her favorite blues bar.

Wolfe was a regular at the Mansion Hill Tavern's Sunday night blues jam. Friends say she learned how to play harmonica there, and developed a style that was unique to her. Local blues musician, "Pat-in-the-Hat" came to speak to the crowd about her good friend.

"I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach," she says. "I've been depressed all weekend."

Wolfe's body was found laying on the side of the road near Eden Park early Friday morning. Cincinnati Police say she had been shot then wrapped-up in a blanket, but they are not saying much else about the murder.

Other musicians say Wolfe was always happy, and willing to help out anyone. They can't imagine someone wanting to kill her.

"It hurts when you lose somebody you know like that," Larry Malott says. "She was always so eager and so much a part of everything that happens down here Sunday nights."