Fairfield Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty To Employing Illegal Aliens

(CINCINNATI) -- Jing Fei Jang pled guilty in United States District Court Thursday on charges of inducing, transporting and harboring an illegal alien to work at his Bee's Buffet Restaurant in Fairfield.

Jiang also pled guilty of makeing a false statement on an application for a small business loan.

According to US Attorney Gregory Lockhart the plea agreement aknowledged that Jiang illegally employed a number of unauthorized aliens towork in his Chinese restaruant starting in October of 2005 and continuing till June of 2006.  Besides employing illegal aliens Jiang also housed them in a home in Fairfiled and transport them to Bee's Buffet in his vehicle.

Each of the three counts carries a maximum sentence of 10 years and a fine up to $250,000.  Making a false statement on a business loan carries a maximum sentence of 30 yares a fine upto one million dollars.

Jaing faces deportation after he serves his prison time.

His sentencing hearing will be April 12th at the Federal Courthouse in Cincinnati.