Prosecutor: No Charges Against Paul Hackett

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has said that he is not seeking charges against Paul Hackett.

Deters said in a release that usually nothing is usually said after an investigation concludes but since this case went public, he decided to alert the public of the grand jury's decision not to file charges.

In November, Hackett chased three men who crashed through his a fence on his Indian Hill home from his property with a loaded rifle.

The former Iraq war veteran and congressional hopeful then held the suspects until police arrived.

Hackett allegedly was potentially facing charges because of complaints that he had a loaded rifle with him at the time.  Hackett maintained that although there was a bullet in the chamber, the safety was activated on the gun and that he never pointed the gun a the men he was chasing.

Below is what was in the release from Deters' office:  

"Normally when an investigation concludes, there is not a need to say anything about the result (either the person is charged, or not).  If not, no one in the public would have been aware an investigation even took place.  This matter has, however, become public. It is my conclusion that no criminal charges will be sought against Paul Hackett for the incident which occurred in Indian Hill during the early morning hours of November 19, 2006."

Report: FOX19 News