Commissioners Take Up Fight Of Ice Cream Stand

It's the middle of January but Hamilton County Commissioners are taking up the fight of a local ice cream stand.

The Zip-Dip in Dent added three picnic tables outside which officials say was against a local zoning law.

There are also concerns about its neon sign.

So the stand has three options.

  • Fight the law
  • Change locations
  • Ask for help from the County Commission.

"Maybe that's technically a violation of the zoning code, but don't we have something better to do than worry about three picnic tables," said Republican Hamilton County Commissioner Pat DeWine.

The County Commission agreed to take the issue up again next month and it looks like they're leaning toward working it out for Zip-Dip.

Eventually the stand may have to move anyway because of plans to widen Harrison Avenue.

Report: FOX19 News