David Carroll Forced To Stay With Lawyers

David Carroll talks with his attorneys in court.
David Carroll talks with his attorneys in court.

A judge has ruled that David Carroll will have to stick with the lawyers he has whether he likes it or not.

Carroll told the judge that he did not agree with the strategy that attorneys Scott Rubenstein and Stephen Wenke had planned for his murder trail scheduled to begin in February.

The judge denied the request saying, "you have the obligation to advise Mr. Carroll and give him your best sound advice as to what he should do but I think ulitmately the law is Mr. Carroll has the right to make that choice."

Carroll also said he wanted to take the stand in another trial but his attorneys have advised against it.

Carroll and his wife Liz are charged with the murder of his three year old foster child Marcus Fiesel in August.  David Carroll is also facing charges of Gross abuse of a corpse after investigators say he took the boy's body to an Adams County farm and burned it.

Report: FOX19 News