FOX19 Time Capsule 1968-1971

July 31st, 1968.  Cincinnati is introduced to the first Independent TV station on the UHF dial.  WXIX-TV.  Housed within this section of the time capsule are the OLDEST documents from the very early days of FOX19.  A couple of interesting facts:

  • FOX19 is licensed to Newport, KY.  That is because back in 1968, there were a limited number of FCC licenses available for Cincinnati - and they were all claimed.  Nearly 40 years later, every hour, you will see station IDs that still recognize Newport as our city of license.
  • Did you know WXIX actually stands for something?  XIX is the Roman numeral for "19".

Inside this section of the time capsule, you will find video

  • The original station sign on ceremony from 1968
  • Cool Ghoul footage
  • Larry Smith Puppet footage

You will also find

  • Station Program Schedules from 1968 to 1971
  • Articles about the station
  • Photos

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