Aquarium Announces New Shark Ray Breeding Program, Doubles Population With Latest Addition

Sweet Pea will soon have a mate according to the Newport Aquarium and they hope that they'll have many more Sweet Peas.

The aquarium has announced that they have acquired another shark ray, a male, and will begin a breeding program after the newest shark ray has acclimated to his new surroundings.

Calling it the 'panda' of the aquatic world, aquatics curator Mark Dvornak hopes that the aquarium can learn more by pairing the two.

"The Shark Ray, as a species, is a mystery and it faces many challenges," said Dvornak in a statement released by the aquarium.

The Shark Ray resembles both a shark with its dorsal fins and the flat broad head of a ray.  The Shark Ray is listed on the Red List of Threatened Species not only because it was rare but it is highly desirable in Asian markets for human consumption.

Taiwanese researcher Fred Fan is working with the aquarium in the realizing the world's first shark ray breeding program.  Fan is considered as a highly regarded fish procurement specialist.

The aquarium said that the public will get a chance to name the newest shark ray after it is formally introduced into the general shark population.  The same program tagged the first shark ray with the name 'Sweet Pea'.