New Lawyer To Ask Judge For More Time To Defend David Carroll

The new lawyer for a foster father charged with a three year old's death says she needs more time to prepare his defense.

Catherine Adams will argue her reasons before a Clermont County judge today. Adams is defending David Carroll who is facing murder charges after, prosecutors say, he wrapped his foster son Marcus Fiesel in a blanket and left him in a closet for two days while he and wife Liz attended a family reunion.

Carroll is also facing a gross abuse of a corpse charge after prosecutors allege that he took the boy's body and burned it on a Brown County farm.

The judge hearing the case denied Carroll's court appointed attorney's request to be removed from the case. The judge denied the ruling. Adams was hired by the Carroll family as a result.

Carroll earlier rejected a plea deal from the prosecution that included charges of inducing panic and filing a false report in Hamilton County.

Liz Carroll's murder trial is expected to begin on Monday in Clermont County. FOX19 News will have the latest as the trial unfolds on

Report: FOX19 News