New Developments Liz Carroll Case

With her murder trial just three days away, Liz Carroll told a Clermont County court that bone fragments that were found on a Brown County farm were those of her three year old foster son.

The admission confirms what prosecutors have been saying all along that Marcus Fiesel was burned in a free standing chimney on that farm.

The agreement on the remains is significant because prosecutors can now focus on trying to convince the jury that Liz and her husband David Carroll were the ones who killed the foster child.

It is also significant because Hamilton County Coroner said he could try to find some DNA evidence from the small fragments but that might destroy what is left of the bones found.

A court recording obtained by FOX19 reveals that Carroll's statement to the court is taken as fact, "the bone fragments found in Brown County Ohio as reflected in state's exhibit three, are the remains of marcus Fiesel and no further testing or identification is necessary to prove same."

Also at issue is how Liz Carroll will be dressed during her trial and how she is to be restrained.

It has been decided that Carroll will not wear a prison jumpsuit, but instead will wear normal street clothes which is not unheard of.

Carroll will also forego the more common shackles for a leg brace which will be worn underneath her clothing. The brace is designed to restrict sudden movements which would make it harder for her to flee.

Fourteen people have been subpoenaed to testify in the case including Amy Baker, the Carroll's live-in girlfriend.

Also scheduled to appear, a worker for Lifeway For Youth, the agency that placed Marcus into the Carroll's home.

Report: FOX19 News