Liz Carroll Trial Day 3 - Witnesses Take The Stand

A jury of nine women and three men are seated and will decide the fate of a Clermont County woman accused of killing her foster son.

The jurors will hear opening arguments today in the trial of Liz Carroll.

Liz Carroll and her husband David Carroll are accused of killing three year old foster child Marcus Fiesel in August.

The jury, after receiving instructions from the judge and hearing opening arguements, will sit in on a trial that is anticipated to continue for five days

FOX19 News legal analyst Mike Allen said that the prosecution will likely site specific evidence that will grab a juror's attention. Allen continued that the burden of proof falls more on the prosecution.

"it's important for both sides," said Allen, a former Hamilton County Prosecutor. "I think it's more important for the state, because right off the bat, the state has to let the jurors know where their case is going."

The jury could also see the first of several witnesses to be called to the stand. It is not known whether Liz Carroll's husband will take the stand on her behalf or if she will take the stand herself.

FOX19 News is carrying the trial live and reporter Chris Shaw will have an update at the break. FOX19 News will also have a full report on the Ten O'clock News.

Report: FOX19 News