Sex, Lies and Murder All Part Of Baker Testimony

Sex, lies and murder are at the heart of Amy Baker's testimony as the prosecution's star witness took the stand in the Liz Carroll trial.

Baker testified for three hours and, while on the stand, she told jurors her story of how Marcus Fiesel was killed and how the Liz and David Carroll tried to cover up the three year old foster child's death.

Baker said she heard David scream as he discovered Marcus' lifeless body laying in a crib after he was wrapped in a blanket and put the crib in a walk-in closet.

"He was really scared. He was really pale, and he whispered because the kids were there, he said, that he's dead."

Baker's recollection of the day Marcus died was vivid.

Her former housemate, Liz Carroll stared at Baker as she testified and often disagreed with the 25 year old's testimony. Baker also said that Liz Carroll and her husband David Carroll were the ones that killed Marcus Fiesel in August of last year.

As well as sharing a house, Baker and Liz Carroll also shared the affections of David Carroll. Baker said that David was abusive toward the developmentally disabled boy.

"He didn't help with him, I don't know, I guess discipline, he was mean to Marcus."

Baker testified that David Carroll tripped Marcus and forced him to spend the night in a car seat. She also told the jury that Marcus was tied up several times before his death and the other Carroll children saw it. So, Baker said, the Carrolls did it to them too.

Baker told the jury, "They wrapped up their kids, so that they wouldn't think it was wrong, what they were doing to Marcus."

Baker said that the Carrolls made it appear like a game. But what they allegedly did to Marcus in August never came close to what they did to their biological children.

"she said that she held him," said Baker. "dave wrapped him up, and he slobbered on her shoulder."

Baker maintained what she told investigators last summer in exchange for immunity, that Liz and David wrapped Marcus in the blanket, wrapped him in packing tape and then dropped him in the playpen.

Baker said that after Marcus was placed in the playpen and put in the closet, Liz Carroll came out of their Clermont County home before heading for a family reunion in Kentucky and told the others that Marcus was "freaking out".

Despite her moving testimony, Baker at times contradicted herself and admitted that she lied to investigators after Marcus was reported missing from Julif's Park.

As Baker was cross examined by Liz Carroll's attorney, Gregory Cohen, the married mother of three seemed to forget many details, bit her lip and figited on the witness stand. She said that she had never seen Liz Carroll discipline Marcus.

FOX19 News legal expert Mike Allen said that Baker's testimony was believable and that she gave the prosecution exactly what she wanted. Allen said that it was a bad day for Liz Carroll and she is running out of time.

Allen watched the jury and said that they were rivoted by what Baker had to say about the case, "They were not taking notes, they were paying attention." Allen said that Baker appeared to be a credible witness and that everything she had to say was coroborated by outside sources.

The state is expected to rest its case today and then it is the defense's turn to tell their side of the story. It has also been reported that Liz Carroll might take the stand in her defense.

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Report: FOX19 News