Liz Carroll Will Not Take The Stand

Some of the most pivotal moments in the case of a three year old who was allegedly killed at the hands of his foster parents was revisited today.

Prosecutors in the murder trial of Liz Carroll admitted to the court the Hamilton County Grand Jury testimony of Liz Carroll who was later charged with murder in Clermont County.

During the reading of the transcripts, court reporter Sue Shesko read the responses of Liz Carroll the day that she apparently admitted to the grand jury that Marcus Fiesel was wrapped in a blanket and left in a closet where he later died.

The question surrounding the trial is who actually wrapped up three year old foster child Marcus Fiesel and placed him in a crib.

In the testimony Carroll answers background questions and other questions surrounding the alleged disapperance of Marcus as well as a trip a family reunion in Kentucky, the time when prosecutors say that the Carrolls left Fiesel in a closet.  Assistant Prosecutor Mark Piepmeyer then advised Carroll that she had a rights to not incriminate herself before he dropped a bomb shell on the 30 year old mother of three.

Prosecutor Daniel Breyer read Piepmeyers question during the grand jury, "When you left to go down to Kentucky on that Friday, you left Marcus in a closet, didn't you?"

Carroll repeats the last portion of the question, "in a closet?"

"In a closet at your house," retorts the prosecutor.

Carroll shook her head indicating no.

"In a playpen?" continued the prosecutor.

Carroll then did not respond.

Piepmeyer continued, "And when you got back early Sunday, Marcus was dead.  Now do you want to tell us the truth or keep up this story?"

The prosecutor then asked Carroll if Marcus was killed purposefully or if it was an accident.

"It was an accident," replied Carroll in her testimony.

Liz is expected to take the stand in her defense as early as today.

Report: FOX19 News