Closing Arguments In Liz Carroll Murder Trial

In what some call a lackluster showing by the defense, the trial of Liz Carroll will soon be in the hands of twelve of her peers.

Closing arguements are scheduled for this morning and then the jury will get the case to deliberate whether or not Liz Carroll is guilty of murder.

The prosecution said that the 30 year old mother wrapped her three year old foster child in a blanket and left him in a closet where he later died.

In a reading of Liz Carroll's Hamilton County grand jury testimony, Carroll was questioned by Assistant Prosecutor Mark Piepmeyer, who is working the case in Clermont County, if she killed Marcus Fiesel.  According to the testimony Carroll responded to Piepmeyer's insistent questioning by replying, "it was an accident".

Then the court turned to the defense, and as the court held their collective breath, attorney called only one witness, Carroll's uncle to the stand.

His testimony went against what the prosecution's star witness Amy Baker had to say, that Liz Carroll and her husband David Carroll argued the whole time that they attended a family reunion in Kentucky.  Carroll's uncle said the opposite, that Liz and David Carroll actually got along over the weekend.  During this time, prosecutors say that Marcus was wrapped in a blanket, bound by tape and left in a closet.

Carroll herself created more intrigue in her trial.  After a 13 minute meeting with Cohen, Carroll decided not to testify.  Cohen said that judging by the previous grand jury testimony, he was afraid of putting Carroll on the stand against a seasoned prosecutor.

Report: FOX19 News