Liz Carroll Gets 54 Years To Life In Prison

Looking much different than the seven days that she was on trial, Liz Carroll walked into a Clermont County courtroom wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and bound in shackles.

Judge Robert Ringland sentenced the 30 year old to 54 years in prison.

Carroll was found guilty by a jury on all seven counts that she was facing which included murder, involuntary manslaughter and kidnapping.

Judge Robert Ringland made a statement that scolded the Cincinnati Enquirer for publishing the names and address of the 12 jurors that sat in on the trial.

In an emotional closing day, Clermont County assistant prosecutor Daniel Breyer made the statement that a person wouldn't treat a dog the way that the Carrolls treated the three year old foster child.  Carroll shot back at Breyer "the dog was alive".  The comment eluding to Carroll's claim that Marcus had already died before the family went to Kentucky for a family reunion while Marcus Fiesel was bound in a blanket in a crib.  The exact time of death was part of the argument in the trial.

Prosecutor Daniel Breyer in the sentencing attacked the Enquirer's article that told a different story of the circumstances surrounding Amy Baker.  Breyer attacked defense attorney Gregory Cohen's defense.  Cohen pointed the finger at Liz and her husband David Carroll's live-in girlfriend Amy Baker and again said that Carroll was a victim to her husband David Carroll and Baker.  After the sentencing, Beyer said that he didn't blame Cohen for going with his defense.

Breyer's argument also brought to light new information, that Carroll had in the past and on the night that Marcus reportedly died sold Xanax to a neighbor.  He also said that Amy Baker wasn't the first live-in girlfriend for the Carrolls.  Apparently two other people were invited to live with the Carrolls including a 17 year old girl who the Carrolls apparently said was a babysitter.

Breyer said that he was armed with questions that he said would punch holes in the defense should Liz take the stand.

For the first time the court also heard what Liz Carroll had to say about that early August night when Marcus reportedly died.  She reiterated what Cohen said, that she was the one who was not guilty.  Carroll admitted to lying but she said it was to protect her family and apologized to the community.

Despite that, Judge Ringland said that he was disappointed that not one time during this trial, the name of Marcus was not at the center of the defense.

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Report: FOX19 News