Will David Carroll Take A Plea Deal?

The deadline for a plea deal is officially off the table for a 29 year old man accused of killing his three year old son but don't rule it out yet.

Twenty nine year old David Carroll's attorney Cathy Adams said that her client is still considering a deal.  Something that White is said to not rule out.

David Carroll's wife Liz Carroll was found guilty of Murder and Involuntary manslaughter along with a host of other charges.  She was sentenced to 54 years to life in prison on the seven charges.

If David Carroll does not accept the plea deal and decided to take his case before a jury, Adams said that she will ask the judge to move the trial elsewhere because she believes that it is impossible to find an impartial jury in Clermont County.

David is also accused of killing three year old Marcus Fiesel along with charges of attempting to burn Marcus' body in an abondoned chimney on a Brown County farm then allegedly disposing of the remains in the Ohio River.

Report: FOX19 News