Judge Accepts David Carroll's Plea Deal

Judge Jerry McBride wasn't going to just let David Carroll plead guilty to killing three year old Marcus Fiesel.

He wanted to hear what everyone else who has followed this tragedy wanted to hear; is he or is he not responsible for the three year old's death.

The Clermont County judge grilled Carroll for several minutes during the hearing probing the 29 year old Carroll for more details about the Friday in early August when prosecutors say he and wife, 30 year old Liz Carroll, wrapped the three year old in a blanket and left him in a closet where he died.

During the plea hearing, David maintained his story that Amy Baker was the one who wrapped the boy up.

Baker, the Carroll's live-in girlfriend at the time of Marcus' death reached a deal with investigators that she would receive immunity from charges if she told them what happened to the boy. During Liz Carroll's trial, Baker was the prosecution's star witness taking the stand and testifying for over three hours. Liz Carroll was found guilty of murder and other charges and was sentenced to 54 years to life in prison.

McBride said he was satisfied with what Carroll had to say during the hearing, which, according to the judge was enough to approve the guilty plea.

"I wanted to make sure that the defendant was acknowledging his guilt," said McBride after the hearing. "He may not be acknowledging his guilt as much as some people would like. Was he telling the truth or not? I don't have any way of knowing that, but I felt he acknowledged his guilt to the point where he was guilty of the offenses he was entering pleas to."

Carroll was given a sentence of 16 years to life in prison.

Deters Drops Charges Against David Expects Liz To Plead Guilty

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that he has closed the book in Hamilton County against David Carroll.

As part of the plea deal that David Carroll made, charges in Hamilton County would be dropped.

Investigators initially charged the Carrolls with murder in Hamilton County. That charge was moved to Clermont County after their investigation revealed that Marcus' death happened in the Carroll's Clermont County home. Investigators instead filed charges of inducing panic and making false reports after telling police that Marcus had disappeared from Juilf's Park.

Liz Carroll still faces those charges as well as a charge of perjury stemming from her grand jury testimony.

Carroll is expected to plead guilty to those charges which could extend her prison sentence by eight years.

Report: FOX19 News