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Prosecutions New Evidence Said Liz Was In Control

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New details related to the Liz Carroll trial has come to light.

The new information that prosecutors didn't get to use in the Liz Carroll murder trial point the finger at the 30 year old woman and prosecutors say that it proves that she and no one else was calling the shots.

For two weeks at the courthouse, Liz Carroll's attorney and her family tried to paint Carroll as a battered wife and victim in her own home.

But prosecutors say that they had the proof that she was not only a participant in Marcus' murder but she was in charge.

Carroll, since her arrest, has appeared as a meek and sometimes confused person. This manner was in contrast to her husband, David Carroll, who appeared calm and composed.

Clermont County prosecutor Don White called Carroll the ringleader of the plan to deceive the public after their three year old foster child, Marcus Fiesel, was wrapped up in a blanket and left in a closet.

The prosecution never had to use that evidence to convince the jury that Liz Carroll was guilty of murder and other charges. She has been sentenced to 54 years to life in prison.

Also in the prosecution's arsenal, a psychologists evaluation that said Liz Carroll had a major lying problem.

Assistant prosecutor Daniel Breyer said that the doctor described Carroll as being highly manipulative and more of a leader than she made out to be. Breyer added that Carroll told the doctor that she had tied up her own children and been fired from several jobs for stealing.

"Some of these theft offenses were not routine, take a five dollar bill out of the cash register when no one is looking," said Breyer. "They were complex plans and plots and schemes to steal that money and cover up that theft, for a substantial amount of time."

The same kind of plot that, Breyer said, Carroll used to cover up Marcus' death.

Breyer also said that in a given month, Carroll was getting prescriptions for 60 Xanex and 90 percocets from several different doctors. "they were making a substantial amount of money selling those pills," added Breyer who also said that at least once, Carroll gave Xanex to Marcus to calm him down.

Prosecutors said that Liz coached David while in jail and continued to have influence over him.

David Carroll pleaded guilty to Marcus' murder and was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison. During his plea hearing, he told the judge that it was he and live-in girlfriend Amy Baker who were responsible for his death.

Report: FOX19 News

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