Investigators Say Middletown Fire Was Arson

New developments are rising out of a fire that claimed the life of a Middletown man over the weekend.

Fire investigators have ruled that the fire was an arson attack on the home at 4916 Ronald Drive. Investigators did not give a specific cause that started the blaze and a detective is working with investigators to gather more information.

The fire completely gutted the home as one person was able to escape but another person, 70 year old Clarence Collinsworth was not.  He was found by the back door of the home. Fire officials said at the time that he was probably attempting to exit the home when he died.

In a business where minutes and seconds could be the difference between life and death, fire officials said that it took one of their engines an extra two to three minutes to reach the home. That is because a station closer to the home was closed just over two years ago.

In light of the latest developments, the Middletown city council could vote on more fire cutbacks during a meeting tonight.

FOX19 News is following the story and will have the latest tonight on the Ten O'clock News.

Report: FOX19 News