Foreclosures High

In a study by the Homeowners Preservation Group, foreclosures are occurring in Hamilton County with what they call an "epidemic" rate.

Homeowners who have fallen on bad times and bad lenders are looking for answers and quick. To answer the call 28 organizations joined foreces to form the Homeowner Preservation Group. Helping with advocacy, legal and financial assistance.

For more information you can call the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati at (513)241-9400.

Mike Kelly of K&D Realty also suggests, that homeowners work with their lenders, in his words "Lenders don't want your home back, they don't they'd rather work with you to keep your home becasue that's the American way."

For first time homebuyers Kelly suggests asking your lender about a program that ensures your premium payment for up to six months if they lose their jobs.