Third Suspect Held On Bond; Officer Released From Hospital

The third person involved in the West Chester shootout with police is being held on bond on the same day that the second officer was released from the hospital.

Bruce Suggs is now being held on a one million dollar bond after his involvement in the shootout. Suggs was a passenger in the Audi that was being driven by John Brochu who is also being held on a one million dollar bond.

Police tried to pull over Suggs, Brochu and 24 year old Matthew Hutchinson after they apparently were weaving in their car.

After police say the group became non-compliant, a shot was fired at the officers from inside the car and the car sped away with police giving chase. A short time later Brochu crashed his car and Hutchinson apparently ran from the car, then returned and opened fire on the officers hitting one. Hutchinson then again ran from the scene and, according to Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Odell Ownes, committed suicide.

The search warrant that was conducted on the three suspect's homes were released today to the public.

Officer Matt Beiser and Jeff Duma were both hit by gunfire. Beiser was released on Monday and Duma was released from Bethesda North Hospital this afternoon.

Report: FOX19 News