Back up Roll Over Accidents

It can happen in a blink of an eye you're backing out of the driveway and just that fast your little one can be in the line of danger. Dr. Richard Falcone has treated children who've been a victim of back up roll over accidents.  " Broken legs,head injuries are most common. Wheels can go over chest, serious injuries to liver, spleen and lungs."

Children's Hospital's Trauma Registry reports taht between 1997-2006 4 percent of total pedestrian injuries involved patients ran over in driveways. " If  they're going to be outside have them stand off to the side where you can clearly see them." "If you can especially in a SUV where you can't see, go out and see where your kids are."

Sometimes you can't so newer cars are equipped with an extra set of eyes.  Ken Kocher says consumers are asking for and expecting safey features like cameras and sensors that help you navigate those blind spots.  On all new Lexus vehicles their navigation system is equipped with a camera that sees behind you while you watch on your dashboard. For an extra five hundred dollars they'll go a little further.