KY Governor Signs Speed Limit Bill

(FRANKFORT, KY) -- Governor Ernie Fletcher today signed a bill which will allow an increase in the speed limit on rural sections of interstates and parkways.  The transportation secretary will be able to raise the speed limit once an engineering study is completed.

"The time has come to increase the speed limit on Kentucky's interstates and parkways.  Data from other states and the conditions for implementation in this legislation give me confidence that 70 miles per hour will not mean a loss of highway safety," said Governor Fletcher. "In every instance, all due attention will be given to highway safety."

"We don't believe this bill will have a negative impact on highway safety," said Rep. Hubert Collins (D-Wittensville), chairman of the House Transportation Committee. "We're even confident that this legislation will contribute to better traffic flow on our interstates and parkways because travelers coming into Kentucky from adjoining states are already accustomed to the 70 mph speed limit."