Spring Break Costs

If you're looking for a great spring break deal, some travel agents say you should have booked them already.

If you're going south, flying is pretty much out of the question right now, according to John Morley Executive V.P. of Travel  for Triple A Cincinnati, "If you want airspace to Florida,or Carribbean you have to spend a few more dollars. If you booked in advance for Florida, you cold go for $200.00 or $300.00, if you waited until now $400.00, $500.00 and in some cases, $600.00 right now."

That's if you can even get a seat. But the cruel irony is that there are some really great deals on cruises right now, but you'll have to settle on driving to the port to get on!

Another suggestion, is to head north. Instead of Florida or the Carribbean, why not  New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. It's not sand or surf, but a change in scenery at a good price couldjust be the break you need.