Transfat Gone in Cincinnati

In case you haven't heard yet, transfat food is bad, and restaurants across the country are trying to be good, so they're going transfat free. According to the food and drug administration, transfat is when vegetable oil is hydrogenated, think Crisco. But transfat oils we've learned aren't absorbed into the body as well and can lead to health problems.  So now the switch is on.

Bakeries typically have the hardest time making the transition to transfat free, but Servatii's bakeries say it's a piece of cake, or rather donuts and pretzels. Customers say they are happy with the healthier version of their old favorites.

Not everyone is going transfat free. Servatii is one of several restaurant leaders in the area embracing this new trend, the trend toward healthier living, a trend they feel isn't going away anytime soon.