David Carroll and Amy Baker Caught on Tape

Just two days after they burned the remains of his foster son, 3 year old Marcus Feisel, new video shows a canoodling David Carroll and his live-in girlfriend, Amy Baker.  Police say Carroll was trying to cash fraudulent checks and money orders totaling almost $10,000.

At his sentencing, David Carroll, claimed he was afraid of his live-in girlfriend, Amy Baker, following Marcus Feisel's death.  "(Baker) Threatened to kill our family my children I was scared for my family's life so I didn't call the cops" Carroll explained to the judge the day of his sentencing.  But surveillance video from the Checksmart on State Route 28 just two days after they burned the little boy's body, shows the couple kissing at the counter.  "It certainly presents a different picture than some people have tried to present in the case concerning all the people in the case." says Miami Township Police Chief Steve Bailey.

David Carroll is seen walking into the Checksmart location on August 8th, making what Police say is a second attempt in as many days to cash fraudulent checks. "When they put his name into the system there was a red flag in their system that said this person was in another store yesterday trying to cash an even larger check." Bailey says.

Checksmart Employees were able to keep Carroll in the store while they waited for Police to arrive. 

Prosecutors say they can only speculate about Carroll's plans for the cash.  They did say that in recorded phone conversations from the Clermont County Jail, Carroll mentions fleeing the U.S. for Honduras.

Carroll wasn't charged with any crime for this though.  Miami Township Police say that by the time their fraud case was ready to go to the grand jury, Carroll had been charged with murdering his foster son.

Report: Corey McConnell

Web Producer: Richard Todd/Cliff Jenkins