Could Amy Baker Face Charges After All?

The woman who was given a controversial immunity deal in exchange for testimony that put a foster mother behind bars could be facing charges after all.

Mason County officials in Kentucky have requested the transcripts of testimony from the Liz Carroll murder trial in Clermont County to take a closer look at live-in girlfriend Amy Baker.

Officials in Kentucky are trying to determine whether or not gross abuse of a corpse charges will be brought against the woman who helped prosecutors put Liz Carroll in jail.

Baker testified in court that she helped Liz Carroll's husband David dispose of three year old Marcus Fiesel's body after he died as a result of being wrapped up and placed in a closet in August of 2005.

During the trial in Clermont County, Baker said that she helped David Carroll take Fiesel's body to a Brown County farm and burn it and then dump his remains in the Ohio River from a bridge that crosses from Brown County into Maysville, Kentucky.  The bridge which is within Kentucky's state boundaries.

Mason County Attorney John Estill said that his staff will comb through her statements and look for any physical evidence that could corroborate her story.

Estill said that he has been in contact with Hamilton and Clermont county prosecutors concerning the immunity deal which he respects but does not protect Baker from charges in Kentucky.

Report: FOX19 News