Report Says Police Have Complied With Collaborative Agreement

The man who has been monitoring the Cincinnati Police Department has issued his final report.

The report finds there is compliance with a majority of items in the agreement with the Justice Department.

The monitor Saul Green wrote in the report that the police department has made significant progress since the riots that crippled the city six years ago.

Green said that the police department has complied with 93 percent of the collabrative agreement.

The report states said that significant accomplishments in police reforms have taken place in Cincinnati during the last five years.

Part of the agreement reached between police and the justice department were reforms in police policy, training and officer discipline in the use of force against suspects.

The agreement was reached between then Attorney General John Ashcroft and the police department after the riots which were sparked by the shooting death of Timothy Thomas who was unarmed by police in April of 2001.

Report: FOX19 News